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Managing interactions and personality types

Identify personality types and boost the synergy in your interactions.

Each individual's personality has many facets. Many of these facets are innate, while others develop or evolve over time.

Sylvie Thiffault sketches different personality types, establishes a grid of facets and personality traits, offers exercises to recognize your own personality type, and describes the strategies you should adopt so your personality will complement your boss's personality or the personalities of people with whom you interact.

Topics discussed:

  • People user manual: learn how personalities function.
  • Each profile's strengths and weaknesses: how to better deal with other people's characteristics.
  • Temperament and decision-making: to prevent our emotions from getting the better of us.
  • A list of your intentions: separate intentions that are favourable to you from to those that work against you.
  • The perception game: learn to distinguish wrong from right.
  • Develop a list of differences: understand what motivates individuals, as well as differences and connections between them.
  • The magic of interactions: Identify why you connect better or worse with different individuals.
  • Case studies: bitter failures and successes worth repeating.
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