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Development and proper management of influence

With the people around you, learn how to develop attitudes conducive to achieving your objectives while preserving your positive values.

In business, we communicate continuously with no guarantee that other parties understand our aims, are convinced our arguments and words are tangible, and lastly, are showing their true position on what we say.

How to create favourable conditions for achieving our objectives?

Development and sound management of our influence is a lecture that recreates situations often encountered in work environments and proposes strategies and exercises to instil communication reflexes. In this lecture, we identify sources of disagreement, generators of biased perceptions and a wide range of clichés and faults in interpersonal communication.


Sylvie Thiffault describes a reference framework for triggers of impatience, frustration and misunderstanding and lays out new guidelines to interact strategically and intelligently.

Topics discussed:

  • Competent or credible: which is better?
  • The organizational chessboard: how to make the right moves?
  • Your involvement: be recognized for your efforts.
  • Relationships and affinities: how to gauge their impact on one another?
  • Real or perceived: learn to tell the difference.
  • Make the facts speak: recount the details and ensure a proper understanding.
  • The power of evidence: reason and observe the facts to give your words more weight.
  • The pie of power: occupy the place you deserve.
  • How to make people listen to you: the right tone and delivery.
  • Connect within seconds... and maintain the connection: the magic of strong communication and its power to influence.
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