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Building lasting relationships in a changing world

New technology changes the way we communicate, so members of a team can work from around the globe, traditional management styles are being challenged and a new reality is emerging within companies: hierarchical power is diluted, projects are broken up into tasks assigned to individuals who have no power over others but must still produce results.

How do you achieve objectives and deliver results in these new web-based teams? Since results are often achieved by assembling information gathered from individuals who have their own priorities, competence alone is not enough: it is also imperative to develop relations and skilfully manage communication.

Through excerpts from daily life and business experience, Sylvie Thiffault shows how to build and take advantage of lasting relationships to achieve real results in this perpetually changing world.

Sylvie Thiffault is above all realistic, and delivers her profound messages with composure and humour.

Topics discussed:

  • Expanding your ability to listen and speak eloquently: say goodbye to communication blind spots
  • Lowering your listening filters: intercept all the information so you can intervene in events better
  • Channelling energies: apply the principles of creative tension
  • Improving outreach strategy: show your authenticity
  • Developing strong interventions: assert your leadership without holding power
  • Shifting from expert to manager/adviser: pitfalls to avoid
  • Influencing without manipulation: manage your relationships skillfully
  • Conference available as in-house training or custom-made for your needs.

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