Objectives :
Using a visual presentation, expose an issue, a problem or various topics and place then in their proper context, then develop and propose possible solutions to help get rid of old habits.
Topics discussed:
Tailored to the client's needs

Number of participants:
Depends on topic and room capacity
2 hours or as needed

Training method:
Presentation and group discussion period

Our conferences :

Building lasting relationships in a changing world

New technology changes the way we communicate, so members of a team can work from around the globe, traditional management styles are being compromised and a new reality is emerging within companies...

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Managing interactions and personality types

Identify personality types and boost the synergy in your interactions. Each individual's personality has many facet...

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Development and proper management of influence

With the people around you, learn how to develop attitudes conducive to achieving your objectives while preserving your positive values...

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Andrée Bourgeois agr.
Technical Services Manager, East Region

“ I have been attending conferences by Sylvie Thiffault for 3 years and they have enabled me to improve as a manager, which has also made my team more efficient. By taking the "From group to team" training session, among others, we increased our team productivity by 17% in 2013. Sylvie Thiffault is a great listener and always helps us understand the challenges to communication we are experiencing. She proposes practical tools that enable us to share information quickly and become more functional. ”

Richard Chénier
Manager, Development Department
École de technologie supérieure

“ Sylvie Thiffault is the instructor our clientele appreciates most, with an average satisfaction rate of more than 3.97/4. What sets her apart is her dynamism, her poignant examples and the depth of the content she covers. Sylvie's professionalism, personality and originality make her a really standout instructor. ”