Sylvie Thiffault approach

In a work or community setting, maintaining harmony and avoiding confrontation can be a complex task.

Our existence brings us face to face with all kinds of situation, and we share our lives with many people: our daily lives, at work and at home, involve constant interaction in which values and personality types must be taken into consideration.

Sylvie Thiffault identifies interaction issues between people and provides tools to avoid misunderstandings or defuse conflicts and increase synergy and individual performance.

Choose what to say, how, and to whom:
To be better understood, you have to make choices.

When the message isn't getting through, few people bother to wonder about the way they delivered their message because, of course, it's easier to imagine that the other person doesn't understand anything or misinterprets our words. If we find ourselves resorting to a variety of arguments to try to be understood and the other person continues to resist, it is easy to conclude that a deadlock has been reached.

This is when we start to make assumptions that could give rise to perceptions which, more often than not, are often wrong: we decide that the other person is obtuse or stubborn, and we get the feeling we are talking to a wall. The other person is the problem... obviously. But what is really happening?

By stepping back and considering our own communication style and how we deliver our messages, we can find solutions to many problems that might have seemed impossible.

Sylvie Thiffault provides you with a new communication methodology and teaches the art of timing.

Choosing the place, time, and person, and learning how to adjust the tone and manner provide the keys to delivering a powerful message that will produce the effects you want.

What should you do when your efforts to communicate are not getting you anywhere and keep you in the other person's blind spot? Sylvie Thiffault teaches you how to develop communication reflexes that will help you get your point across, make your arguments stick and create strategic forward thinking so you choose the right time, audience and place to ensure that your interactions with others are always optimal.

In her conferences and training sessions, Sylvie Thiffault explains the realities, identifies the nature of interactions and provides development tools to foster connections between people.


In business:

How to achieve clear, coherent communication that simplifies interpretations for a common understanding? How to ensure that team performance is not affected by misunderstandings, divergent perceptions or incongruous personality types?

In addition to dealing with challenges in business, Sylvie Thiffault intervenes in other settings.

Sylvie Thiffault explains methods for identifying potential conflicts to team members, and proposes solutions to help avoid conflicts or resolve them promptly.